Shane Warne opens up about family and the

Shane Warne opens up about family and the

Shane Warne opens up about family and the lessons he’s learnt

In a rare and candid interview, Shane Warne has opened about the joys of parenthood and the pressure his international cricket career had on his children, Brooke, Jackson and Summer.

“It hasn’t been easy. Unfortunately I wasn’t a nine-to-five dad who would come home every night. I would do months away, months on end,” Warne revealed to Seb Costello on A Current Affair.

“That’s part of the sacrifices, and one of the biggest sacrifices you make, is that you’re away from your family for long period of time and that’s not easy.”

But things have changed for the better for the “Spin King”.

Warne has been living in his hometown of Melbourne since last October due to the pandemic.

“We know the sad and the bad things about COVID, but you’ve got to look at the positives out of it,” he said.

Australia’s “spin king” Shane Warne is finally opening up about parenthood. (A Current Affair)
Shane Warne with his children, Brooke, Jackson and Summer. (A Current Affair)


Warne said people have been given the the chance to “take a step back” from rushing around and reassess “how we want to live our lives”.

Since retiring from cricket, Warne has dived into his businesses.

He’s poised to release his own medical cannabis oil.

Shane Warne and A Current Affair reporter Seb Costello. (A Current Affair)

“It’s not official yet … it’s not legal in Australia,” he said.

“[Cannabis oil] is doing some amazing things for Alzheimer’s, mental health, there so many different ways it can be effective,” he said.

It’s no secret it’s been a journey so far for Warne, with fame bringing with it pressure and temptations.

Aussie “spin king” Shane Warne. (A Current Affair)

But the legendary Australian bowler said he doesn’t regret his life in the limelight as it made him who he is today.

“Life’s great, at the end of the day, my children are great, my business life’s great and I’m happy,” he said.

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