World-leading shark tagging program

World-leading shark tagging program

World-leading shark tagging program on Sydney Harbour reaches new milestone

A dedicated team of scientists have turned shark hunters and reeled in a milestone.
The world’s most advanced shark tagging program is taking place in Sydney Harbour and just marked its 100th bull shark.
A small incision is made on an almost 3-metre bull shark before scientists insert a tag which allows it to be tracked for ten years.
“It was a milestone occasion,” scientist Dr Amy Smoothey said.
“This shark was 2.8 metres in length, it was a sexually mature male, roughly around 120 kilos and 20 years in age.”
The program was launched by the Department of Primary Industries in 2009 after navy diver Paul de Gelder was attacked in the waters off Woolloomooloo.
“It’s the most advanced shark tagging program and research program anywhere in the world, all part of our shark management strategy,” Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said.
The program has managed to tag 100 bull sharks

The tagging program on the harbour provides valuable information on the movements of sharks.
To improve safety and surveillance on the beaches the state government will deliver five extra shark-spotting drones.
Along with extra eyes in the sky across Bondi, Bronte and Maroubra – the drone training program will be revamped.
“That’s our leading course that we train our volunteers and staff with to keep the public safe across the NSW coastline,” Paul Hardy from Surf Lifesaving NSW said.

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