Working from bed ‘I don’t even have to get dressed’

Working from bed ‘I don’t even have to get dressed’

Working from bed ‘I don’t even have to get dressed’

Some mornings Susan Booth, a property developer in Yorkshire, doesn’t bother getting dressed.

Instead, she makes herself two cups of tea (to save going up and down the stairs for more) pulls on her favourite baggy grey jumper and, laptop at the ready, watches through the window as the sun rises over Swaledale.

“When I work from bed it’s always spontaneous,” she told BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours.

Ms Booth, who until last March worked full-time in an office, but now works for herself, never stays in bed longer than a few hours. Once she’s had her sixth cup of tea she knows its time to get up and get on with the rest of the day.

Maybe it’s because it’s deep mid-winter, and we’re all finding it a struggle to drag ourselves out from under the covers already.

Maybe it’s that after 10 months of working, living, learning-from-home, we’ve had enough of every other room in the house (or because your kids are hogging the kitchen table). But working from your bed seems to be in vogue.

Bed tables

A rash of newspaper articles suggest that we’re buying “over-bed” tables and pillows to prop ourselves up.

Online retailer Etsy said there has been a 606% increase in searches for laptop stands compared with last year and a 347% rise in laptop tray searches, the Times newspaper reported.

On social media we’re confessing to curling up with the cat on the eiderdown, with laptop, phone and notebook to hand. Almost 10,000 people have used the hashtag #workingfrombed on Instagram.

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