Police ‘close’ to cracking high profile missing

Police ‘close’ to cracking high profile missing

Police ‘close’ to cracking high profile missing persons case

EXCLUSIVE: Several “persons of interest” have emerged in the suspected murders of camping companions Russell Hill and Carol Clay.

Almost a year to the day after the pair went missing in Victoria’s remote Wonnangatta Valley, the investigation’s lead detective has revealed police are “getting close” to cracking the case.

Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper, officer-in-charge of the Missing Persons Squad said the case remained a high priority for Victoria Police, which had not given up hope of finding justice.

“We’ve brought more people into the investigation team now to assist us,” he said.

Detective Inspector Stamper said the team working on the case would be boosted by 50 per cent, to enable police to become more targeted in their approach, honing in on several “persons-of-interest” that they had not yet been able to eliminate.

Of interest to officers, was an unidentified white dual-cab ute – exact make and model unknown – which was spotted at a public “long drop” toilet in the Valley the day before Mr Hill and Ms Clay were last heard from.

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