Law catches up with runaway wedding

Law catches up with runaway wedding

Law catches up with runaway wedding photographers

They spent thousands and have nothing to show for it after their so called “wedding cinematographers” did a runner and took their footage with them.

Now the crimes of this husband and wife duo have finally caught up with them.

“I did a lot of ‘do it yourself’. I got a second hand wedding dress from Gumtree and sacrificed on a brand new one. And for the photography and video we spent $2800. It was definitely a big chunk out of our wedding budget,” Amelja Dobson told A Current Affair.

Ms Dobson hired Katie and Andrew Klerck from Switch Multimedia to photograph and video her wedding.

Three years on – she hasn’t received a single frame.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve heard it before

In 2018 A Current Affair raised the alarm – warning brides and grooms across the country.

“I messaged Katie straight away, she said oh don’t worry, they’re taking it out of proportion. I gave her the benefit of the doubt,” Ms Dobson said.

Following A Current Affair’s original story, New South Wales Fair Trading undertook an investigation into Switch Multimedia, resulting in a total of 33 charges under The Australian Consumer Law.

Mr and Mrs Klerck have been ordered to pay $110,000 in compensation, costs and fines.

“Fair Trading worked with the business in the first instance to get some of those images back, but they proved hard to get so Fair Trading took civil action against them and prosecuted them,” Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson, said.

“If it doesn’t stack up, don’t sign them up.”

Unfortunately it’s too late from Marc and Nicole – who paid $1750 for some woeful and wobbly footage.

And it arrived two years late.

Now the couple want their cash back.

“$2000 would come in handy for a small family like us,” Nicole told A Current Affair.

Kristy’s wedding took place after our original story went to air, and she thought she had a one up.

“We came up with a little deal that I’d just pay 50 per cent of what was left owing, and then I’d pay the rest of the money once I received my film. They gave me a snippet so I paid the rest of the money, and then nothing, nothing after that,” Katie said.

Another bride is $2800 out of pocket.

Back in 2018 A Current Affair caught up with Mr and Mrs Klerck – on the hunt for answers.

“This is not something we’ve done on purpose, this is not something we’ve set out to do. We’re not trying to hide from anybody,” Mrs Klerck said.

It’s the sentimentality that makes these crimes all the more devastating.

A Current Affair arranged for Ariana from Ariana Photography Studio to give the couple wedding photos they deserve.

“What price can you really put on being able to relive memories from the most important day of your life,” Ariana said.

“For you guys to be able to do this for us, I just have no words,” Ms Dobson said.

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