Cockatoo leaves Australian mum

Cockatoo leaves Australian mum

Cockatoo leaves Australian mum-of-six fighting for life

You wouldn’t think that a simple trip to the pet shop would land you in intensive care, fighting to survive.

Shaharazaad Gaffour wants her story to act as a warning to make people think twice before taking home your new cute and cuddly friend.

“Never in my life did I think an animal could give you some kind of disease or some kind of virus or whatever it was,” Ms Gaffour told A Current Affair.

Frank the cockatoo could have killed someone.

Just eight-weeks-old, the sulfur crested cocky should have lived up to 40 years.

“When I played with it I noticed it was dropping a lot and I thought, ‘no there is something not quite right with this bird’ … but I’m not a bird expert,” Ms Gaffour said.

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