CCTV shows moment NSW Police officer

CCTV shows moment NSW Police officer

CCTV shows moment NSW Police officer is stabbed at Central Station during peak hour

Security vision of the moment NSW Police officers tasered a man after he stabbed a constable has been released in court.

Mark Thompson, 54, was armed with a 45cm hunting knife and in a psychotic state when he approached a police officer and stabbed him in the back at Central Station in 2019.

Constable Hayden Edwards, who immediately fell to the ground, was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for surgery.

The court heard Thompson’s mission was to force the police to kill him to release his inner demons but instead, the offices tasered him causing him to fall onto train tracks.

Thompson could have pleaded not guilty due to mental illness, but instead, he pleaded guilty to a criminal charge.

While the court heard he was aware that what he did was wrong from a legal perspective, because of his psychotic state, he had no idea it was wrong in a moral sense.

Psychiatrist Dr Richard Furst told the court that Thompson presents a serious risk to the community even after he is released from jail, particularly if he stops taking his medication for schizophrenia.

Thompson will be sentenced in two weeks time and facing a maximum of 25 years jail.

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