Australia secures additional 10 million Pfizer

Australia secures additional 10 million Pfizer

Australia secures additional 10 million Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australia has secured an additional 10 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.
The extra doses bring the country’s vaccine number to 150 million.
Mr Morrison hinted that the additional doses will be used to help inoculate residents of nearby Pacific Islands.
“We are still on track to commence later this month,” Mr Morrison said.
“That puts us in a very good position, particularly with our sovereign vaccine production capability, ahead of many countries, like New Zealand, which won’t commence until April.”
Australia’s 150 million vaccine doses include 20 million of the Pfizer vaccine, more than 53.8 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, 51 million of the Novavax vaccine and 25.5 million units under the COVAX International Facility agreement.
Health Minister Greg Hunt has confirmed the vaccine will be offered for free to all people living on Australian soil, regardless of their immigration status.
“The Government has determined that we will offer vaccines to all people living in Australia to achieve the maximum level of coverage,” Mr Hunt said.
“That means the Government will provide COVID-19 vaccinations free to all visa holders in Australia. And this will include refugees, asylum seekers, temporary protection visa holders, and those on bridging visas.
“People currently residing in detention facilities will also be eligible, including those whose visas have been cancelled.”
Secretary of the Federal Health Department, Professor Brendan Murphy, said Australians generally won’t be able to choose which COVID vaccine they receive when they go to be inoculated.

“The initial roll out of vaccines will be from Pfizer, while the main rollout through GPs, pharmacies and other clinics will be the AstraZeneca vaccine,” Professor Murphy said.

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